It all started in my history class, a single photo on the bottom page of my textbook. It was a photo of a young woman crying out over the body of a young man at Kent State University. It was this photo that made me pick up a camera. Before my career in film making, I got my start as a photojournalist. My goal was simple, capture humans emotions that represent a perspective and tell a story. 

This was and still is my passion and responsibility every time I pick up a camera. To tell any story correctly, it takes incredible care and understanding. Every person or thing within the story deserves its time and focus.

To be able to capture those moments that truly represent their perspective and narrative is the objective. To my knowledge that is the job, and should be every film makers goal.  

I am compelled to capture stories and experiences that bridge ideologies and views by helping communicate different perspectives to reach a better environment for everyone.

Because communicating and bringing people together is my overall purpose and life’s work. Doing that with a camera, is my job.

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